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The North Central Region of the National Federation of Music Clubs consists of the seven state of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In addition to our normal participation and support of National Federation affairs, our major activity is support of our creation, the Junior Composers summer music center.
Originally founded in 2002, Junior Composers Summer Programs is a residential music camp for students age 14-20, held at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. JCSP offers three unique programs for young musicians: Studio (two weeks), Institute (one week) and Songwriters (one week). For more information, please v
isit www.juniorcomposers.org .
See pictures of Junior Composers and Federation Days HERE


International Music Camp offers cultural studies in fine arts for students of all ages. It is located in the International Peace Garden. With more than 50 different programs offered. About 150 artist teachers, internationally rated guest conductors and outstanding clinicians from the United States, Canada and Europe provide instructions to approximately 2,500 students from around the world. Federation Day is usually held the last Friday of July, with a reception hosted by a North Dakota Club following a concert, enthusiastically received by students, faculty and guests. Scholarships from the NFMC Agnes Jardine Award are presented to six students from United States and Canada during the Reception.
Sarah Twedt, President
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Robyn Vinje, Secretary/Treasurer
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